To Authors

-    You will partner with an experienced team of editors who have between them worked across the best commercial fiction houses in the UK - both corporate and independent; both for digital-first and traditional imprints. They will work closely with you to bring your books to readers: to package and market them most effectively.  

-    Your books will appear in all formats on publication date all around the world: in ebook, in audio and in print.

-    Your contract will be based on partnership principles and the proceeds of success shared equally.

-    Together we will build you into a global bestselling brand through energetic social media activity; dynamic pricing; collaborative retailer relationships and arresting digital advertising campaigns.

-    If you are writing: 

  •      Women's Fiction
  •      Crime and Thriller
  •      Historical Fiction   
  •      Romance
  •      Saga
  •      Regional Fiction
  •      Seasonal Fiction
  •      Erotica

then please submit your full manuscript of at least 70,000 words, a synopsis and covering letter to [email protected]. We can't wait to hear from you...